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HAPPY SAD MAN is an innovative new project from the makers of award-winning documentary film I AM ELEVEN. 

Happy Sad Man punctures the myths of twenty-first century masculinity to get at the raw emotions and complex inner lives of a diverse group of Australian men. Painted in the rich colours of a world undergoing vast change, it voyages from war zones to surf beaches, the remote outback to inner-city lounge rooms in search of better ways to make sense of manhood today. 

Mapping their joy and despair, irrepressible humour and darkest of thoughts, it is a sensitive survey many years in the making. Happy Sad Man goes beyond a mere call for 'awareness' or 'dialogue' to demonstrate what an instruction manual for compassion might look like, for a time that sorely needs one.

Directed by Genevieve Bailey

Produced by Genevieve Bailey and Henrik Nordstrom

Executive Produced by Robert Connolly 

We will feature stories across a range of mediums including feature film, portraits, podcasts and more.

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HAPPY SAD MAN is a complex portrait of twenty-first century men in Australia. Australian males have traditionally been stereotyped as men of action and few words, but the need to consider seriously the private thoughts, emotions and mental health of men is becoming more apparent by the day. With Australian men four times more likely to suicide than women, there is an urgency to this project, but it is far from a didactic, 'issue' film.


HAPPY SAD MAN portraits explores happiness and sadness through the eyes of men from different backgrounds, across the ages, around the world. There are so many stories to share. What is yours?


HAPPY SAD MAN Podcast invites men to share their views on a range of subjects we feel are vital in exploring contemporary manhood, culture and identity, mental wellbeing, stigma, support and recovery. These men are fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and partners. Some you will know already, some you won't. 


β€œThe thing with mental health is it doesn't discriminate you know. It doesn't matter where you live, where you are from, how old you are” - Grant 


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