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With humour and understanding, Genevieve Bailey’s I Am Eleven showed us the interior lives of 11-year-olds from all over the world. Now her Happy Sad Man does the same for the men in our midst living with mental illness.

Bringing together the vibrant personalities and perspectives of five very different men – taking in their hopes, anxieties, joy and darkness – the heartwarming, stigma-busting Happy Sad Man gives unforgettable voice to the complex emotional landscapes of modern masculinity and acts as a crucial clarion call for the eternally misunderstood world of mental illness.


HAPPY SAD MAN portraits explores happiness and sadness through the eyes of men from different backgrounds, across the ages, around the world. There are so many stories to share. What is yours?


HAPPY SAD MAN Podcast invites men to share their views on a range of subjects we feel are vital in exploring contemporary manhood, culture and identity, mental wellbeing, stigma, support and recovery. These men are fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and partners. Some you will know already, some you won't.