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Happy Sad Man is a multi-platform project by Proud Mother Pictures


Happy Sad Man is a disarmingly honest documentary that draws back the curtain on the complex inner worlds of men from across Australian life – from Bondi Beach to the outback, farmers to war photographers – and challenges the way we think about masculinity today.

Surveying the hopes, anxieties, joy and darkness of a range of fascinating characters, Happy Sad Man is the long-awaited follow-up to Genevieve Bailey's smash hit I Am Eleven, a lyrical documentary cataloguing the complex lives of an array of not-quite-children, not-quite-adults around the planet. After the groundbreaking success of her debut she has turned her attention to another group whose portrayal in popular culture is often equally superficial, and whose stereotypes and worst examples don't match up with the men she has known in her own life.

Driven by a need to find what's missing from the conversation about men, she has spent more than half a decade criss-crossing Australia to piece together the affecting story of Happy Sad Man, employing her trademark ability to bring out the most candid and personal of stories.

Directed by Genevieve Bailey

Original Music by Nick Huggins

Edited by Annabelle Johnson & Genevieve Bailey

Produced by Genevieve Bailey & Henrik Nordstrom

Executive Produced by Robert Connolly

Special thanks to Good Pitch Australia, Documentary Australia and all our partners.

WORLD PREMIERE  - We are delighted to announce that in August 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival will host the world premiere of Happy Sad Man.

Tickets via the MIFF website here

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